06.23. - 09.07.

And let's start or finish your 60th TID in Hungary

Flight to Budapest and we will pick you up.
New Shuttle to the TID

  • From the Airport: 15th of July 2015, leave the airport to TID Budapest at 11.00
  • To the Airport: 21th of July 2015 arriving from Mohács to the airport at 10.00

Registration already opened!

Contact us at info@tid.hu

Limited: max 60 people / country
Don't miss it!
Let's canoeing, kayaking  together and have a nice adventure holiday with international paddlers

Dear Canoers, Kayakers, Rowers,
     Liebe Kanu-kajakfahrer, Ruderer
     Bello vogatori, canoe-kajaker
     Agreable canoe-kajakiste, rameur

Our motto:

Create a bridge and not a difficulty between people and nations

Are you wondering the natural Danubien with sandy beaches? Would you like to join to interesting programs?

  • Visegrád -  Castle tour (with bus) & volleyball & open fire
  • Visegrád - Budapest (National park guide & river concert)
  • Budapest - Sight seeing & basketball (against with the Kecskemét basketball girls)
  • Százhalombatta - Strongest canoest & film evening
  • Dunaújváros - Waterpolo
  • Paks - Wine tour
  • Baja - Dragon boat & fish soup cooking course
  • Mohács - Surprise party

What is the TID?

The Tour International Danubien or shortly the TID became 60th year old in 2015. The TID was organised by Slovakian and Hungarian kayakers between Bratislava and Budapest, at 1956. from the following year the TID started it’s expanding. First from Bratislava to Beograd. After from Wien to Beograd. From a long time the Ingolstadt – Silistra was the TID. But a lot of people were dreaming to paddle to the Sea. The year 2014 is our 5th year when we are going to the Black Sea.

The TID traditionally starting at the last Saturday of June. This year one week earlier. Just to arrive to the Black Sea with relativly good weather condition. One day after our official opening ceremony in Ingolstadt, the TID starting it’s 2 and half month way crossing 8 countries and after 2455 km within 75 days reaching the Black Sea.

This year we could not increase the distance of the TID, but we could increase the number of the organisator countries. Now Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania is involved to the longest and oldest organised water sport event of the world.

The TID is a real International Event

We have a great international (10-12 nationals) group, paddling international waters. The originally coach tour became an international event for the partcipants and for the hosting cities as well. Became a real sport diplomacy event. In one section we have 150-200 paddlers from 10-12 nations. The hosting cities are waiting the participants with well organised camp sites and very often (in Hungary always) with some special food and with a special extra program.

On the TID campsite besides the nationals flags, you can always see our big TID flag. If you see it with more carefully, you can see the vertical blue symbol of the Danube River, and all the national’s flag which is connected by our Danube.

Traditional and reforms. Based on these trend we are organising our Tour around Europe, and specially in Hungary. We are Very happy that more and more people can paddle from the beginning to the end. But we are also focusing that people who just can join to one or two section to us.

Because, what is the TID?

A short festival or a long distance performance tour?

It is different for everybody. But It can be different for the same people year to year.

In Hungary above the paddling in a beautifully untouched part of the princes of Europe (Danube) you can enjoin the next extra programs.

Esztergomi Basilica tour, Visegrádi castle tour (with bus) and after beach volleyball, beef stew cooking on open fire. Leaving Visegrád after the national park quid, you will be able to continue your way to Budapest in a special water festival – concert. In Budapest a ship sightseeing is waiting for you. After you can choose between 3 different city quid, and after a special street ball basketball championship, where the Kecskemét junior girl team is waiting for the challengersJ to overcome them. At Százhalombatta we will choose who is the strongest canoe puller, and after the dinner we will watch films from the TID. At Dunaújváros the water polo is the next event, before arriving to Paks where the win tour helps you to know us betterJ Dragonboat at Baja before the fish soup, and the surprise party at Mohács after several beautiful natural sandy beach is waiting for you during the Hungarian section.

The year 2015 is our 60th time of the TID organisation. Above the usual Hungarian programs which are providing something extra programs for you, we are ready to provide something unique to you.

We believe that our new idea will similar successfully like our castle or wine tour, or the water polo, or the open fire common cooking.

Something new - Geocaching

This is a play where weare giving interesting point’s coordinates, and you need to find them. First of all with this play, we would like to join to the international Geocashing .

Secondly, we will list out several interesting point what can be interesting to visit for you. First of all there will be some Geocashing point which will be only available from the water. Secondly interesting places what visiting your holiday will more interesting, and unforgettable. and you definitely won’t feel boring yourself.

Finally with this kind of coordinates will help you to find a supermarket, post office, or restaurant... You need a hairdresser during your 35th day? Just follow your GPS and find one of them.

The TID is a frame tour. Organised but not going together. You can come with canoe, kayak or rowing boats. Or during the Hungarian and the Slovakian section with the pre aggrement of the organizations, you can also come by bike. Because of the different possibilities of the campsites, the TID maximalised participant number is 300 person.

So the TID is a tour, watertour, festival, international sport event, holiday, a long weekend, active free time, outdoor program... all of them or one of them for you. It's up to you

The organisators provides the campsites, the bath and toilet possibilities. Between the campsites everybody paddling alone. Of cource the organisators providing all the necessary information (km, small map) to be able to arrive safly to the next place. Everybody who are signing into the Hungarian group can get a special TID package. This include a numbered Tshirt, a detailed program on the campsites, and your identification card.

Our team members are coming from different part of the world. We have friend from Alaska, and even from Australia. While the most of the people are coming from Danubine countries, as Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania.

Every member can individually choose her or his starting and finishing city. So everybody can decide if he or she need a short weekend paddling or a very hard power performance tour. On the longest water tour of the world.

In order to be a very pleasure holiday for every participants, we would like to kindly ask you to join to the TID only if you are experienced on paddling and on camping as well.


Because the TID is going on the very busy full with high level shipping traffic. We have a lot of power plant, where not just the ship traffic, but the built in walls created intensive waving also can cause difficulties. And finally independently from the tired and from the weather you need to paddle the daily section every day.

Therefore we have rest day each week J , but every the morning tent down, packaging, and after 4-5 hour paddling and tent up, cooking, shopping... are waiting for you above the interesting cities and the extra programs, what we are organising to you.

Get Ready

Try to buy or ask a tent which is big enough where your back wont tuch the wall of your tent…because that will leaks. For the night don’t leave your luggage outside. try the tent before the tour. Check all the spikes, and the seams as well. If you feel your tent will wet, don’t be shy and take a big cover foil to it.

Let’s have a waterproof equipment and jacket. And have the final reserve dry dress for sleeping, if your tent is already done. If you need to start in the rain, let’s protect and package your sleeping bag, and your last dry dress in your dry tent. the package have to be water proof. if you haven’t got pro waterproof bag, don’t be shy and take your sport bag into a strong foil sack. If you use plastic barrel, choose only that size which you can take into your boat, and after you can lift it up, back to the pier. Buy or build your own carrycar, to be able to move your boat with languages even the TID campsite is far from the river. Choose a stable boat. Test it in advance. Check if all your planned luggage can fit into it, and after if you already have enough place for yourselfJ and check if you are in the boat with all your luggage if there any necessary vertical wall to protect you against of the waves. Finally, test your boat if it is still quick enough. Otherwise the 50-60km paddling will need your full day.

On the water use a long sleeve T-shirt, and use sun protect cream which is suit for you skin, but minimum 50. Wear cap.

If you need medical, you should have reserve. and your team leader have to know it. If you get sick during the tour, tell it to others, so they can help to you in time. Let’s have some small gift, if you get something be able to reciprocate. Read where you will paddle, and plan what will you see. Dont forget you are not in a organised quided bustour. This is a water tour. (Organised, but paddling not in one group.) Nobody will cook for you, wash after you. you can decide when you start and arrive. (After 6.00 and before 19.00.)

Although sometimes the organisators providing dinner for the tired paddlers, on the TID basically everbody have to be self supporting. Everybody have to have the necessary equipment for the tour, like tent, boat, paddle, water protecting dress, and packaging. And everbody have to have experience on paddling as well. Without the uppers the irresponsible people can damage his own holiday, but with unpleasant minutes can embitter the other’s holiday as well. The Danubien is dangerous operation, but if you keep the written and also the unwritten rule of her, you can have limitless experiences which can energies you even for the next Total year.

Come with us and discover the River which is connecting the peoples across Europe.

See you

Fejérvári Gábor

60. TID Camp places
























































































GPS coordinates






















06.20. Sa Ingolstadt R 2455 43
06.21. Su Kelheim L 2412 29
06.22. M Regensburg R 2383 56
06.23. T Straubing R 2327  
06.24. W Rest day     60
06.25. T Winzer L 2267 52
06.26. F Erlau L 2215  
06.27. Sa Rest day     33
06.28. Su Inzell R 2182 49
06.29. M Linz L 2133 39
06.30. T Walsee R 2094 36
07.01. W Ybbs R 2058 31
07.02. T Aggsbach-Markt L 2027 23
07.03. F Mautern R 2004 42
07.04. Sa Tulln R 1962 39
07.05. Su Bécs L 1923  
07.05. M Rest day     40
07.07. T Hainburg R 1883 16
07.08. W Pozsony (Bratislava) R 1867  
07.09. T Rest day     48
07.10. F Bős (Gabcikovo) L 1819 53
07.11. Sa Komárom (Komarno) L 1766 46
07.12. Su Párkány (Sturovo) L 1720 25
07.13 H Visegrád R 1695 35
07.14. T Budapest R 1660  
07.15. W Rest day     40
07.16. T Százhalombatta R 1620 42
07.17. F Dunaújváros R 1578 51
07.18. Sa Paks R 1527 48
07.19. Su Baja L 1479 31
07.20. M Mohács R 1448  
07.21. T Rest day      
07.22. W Apatin L 1402 22
07.23. T Bogojevo L 1366 33
07.24. F Vukovar R 1333 35
07.25. Sa Backa Palanka L 1298 40
07.26. Su Novi Sad L 1258  
07.27. M Rest day     43
07.28. T Stari Slankamen R 1215 50
07.29. W Beograd R 1165  
07.30. T Rest day     50
07.31. F Smederevo R 1115 56
08.01. Sa Veliko Gradiste R 1059 38
08.02. Su Dobra R 1021 31
08.03. M Donji Milavonac R 990 33
08.04. T Tekija R 957 23
08.05. W Kladovo R 934  
08.06. T Rest day     50
08.07. F Brza Palanka R 884 51
08.08. Sa Novo Selo R 833 42
08.09. Su Vidin R 791  
08.10. M Rest day     48
08.11. T Lom R 743 40
08.12. W Kozloduy R 703 42
08.13. T Ostrov R 661 21
08.14. F Baykal R 640 43
08.15. Sa Nikopol R 597 47
08.16. Su Svishtov R 550 55
08.17. M Ruse R 495  
08.18. T Rest day     31
08.19. W Ryahovo R 464 31
08.20. T Tutrakan R 433 37
08.21. F Vetren R 396 21
08.22. Sa Silistra R 375  
08.23. Su Dunareni R 329 37
08.24. M Seimeni R 292 41
08.25. T Harsova R 251 32
08.26. W Stancuta L 219 47
08.27. T Braila L 172 55
08.28. F Luncavita R SM 62 42
08.29. Sa Tulcea L SM 39  
08.30. Su Rest day     56
08.31. M Murighiol R KM 64 60
09.01. T SF Gheorghe L KM 4 8
09.02. W Black Sea 0    
09.03. T Tulcea Return by boat
09.04. F Return Home
Város GPS-koordináták
Ingolstadt 48.7622, 11.4558
Kelheim 48.9119, 11.8892
Regensburg 49.0285, 12.056
Straubing 48.8874, 12.5669
Winzer 48.7256, 13.0436
Erlau 48.5612, 13.5782
Bratislava 48.136533, 17.122510
Gabcikovo 47.857716, 17.538320
Komarno 47.774928, 18.137598
Sturovo 47.785596, 18.714674
Esztergom 47.793405, 18.732683
Visegrád 47.778645, 18.965390
Budapest 47.599440, 19.068076
Százhalombatta 47.301336, 18.919694
Dunaújváros 46.956868, 18.955669
Paks 46.592094, 18.861116
Baja 46.173668, 18.940918
Mohács 46.000488, 18.686536